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Wedding Shower Ideas

Are trying to find some unique bridal shower ideas? Some years ago the bridal shower meant the gathering of  only the girls , some traditional games and them the bridal shower cake. It was thrown by a good friend or a relative and the tradition was really important.  Today there are the same persons throwing it but there are many persons invited and the goal is not that much to respect tradition as to have lots of fun.

Today bridal showers featuring couples becoming very known all over the place. The bridal shower it’s no longer a tabu place for men. They are invited to assist and to come up with ideas.  Nowadays the bridal shower is held by one of the closest friends of the engaged couple and is the best time to share the date of the awaited event.

If you already know some things about the wedding you can use them in the bridal shower planning, If the wedding it’s going to be on the beach then a beach bridal shower is a great idea. Serve sea food and tropical drinks and adorn your guests with the beach’s beauty and the seas’ s blue sky color.  If you are trying to organize a bridal shower for a couple that has been living together for a while, you might be interesting in some ideas that won’t have anything to so with household gifts and house activity. Take them out somewhere, make it special for them! 

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For couples that have everything your should come up with an original idea and that is having a bridal shower with a honeymoon theme. If they are going somewhere in Europe have an European bistro theme, if they’re going to Jamaica, make it Jamaican. Make them feel like they are in the country where they going to be for their honeymoon. give them an amazing Deja Vu.

Other bridal shower for the soon to be married couple is: the bride to be showered with sexy items and luxurious lingerie for the romantic night with groom and of course for the wedding night. Make it elegant instead of the casual chips and soda chose an elegant bottle of wine and cheese event. If the events it’s scheduled to be happening in the holiday, even if summer or fall, why not organizing a holiday theme bridal shower? It’s a great idea.

Chose a summer theme if it’s in summer, go for a scary theme if it’s around Halloween,  if the Christmas is near make Santa appear. Be creative and make  the bridal shower unforgettable. Another great idea is to make it an Ethic bridal shower. You should definitely do this if the couple is of a particular ethnicity. Celebrating the family heritage it’s going to be a great idea so go for it. The couple will surely love it and the family members will think the same. The bridal shower it’s an important part of a couple’s relationship so if you are in charge with this event make the best out of it!11

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  1. pamela mueller says:

    I was wondering if you had ever heard of anyone having a bridal shower thru the mail. I was thinking of asking for everyones favorite recipe and then a gift card. The reason being – the bride is living away from all of her friends and family and she would rather have people at her wedding and not have them endure the expense of gas and lodging to come so far for a bridal shower. Is this being too greedy just doing it thru the mail?? Do you have any other suggestions?? or would it be

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