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Wedding Night

Well, what would a wedding be without a wedding night? Most brides prepare the night after the ceremony with a lot of care, because it has to be perfect. Although nowadays the wedding night is not the first night together for the young couple, it still has a certain charm and that is way, its importance in not ignored by the newlyweds.

With the wedding night, the married life actually begins. But can a wedding night actually take place after the party? In many cases the answer is no, because the party usually ends in the morning, and then everybody is too tired to do anything else than sleeping. However, in the United States, the parties are not that long. The newlyweds leave at about twelve and if they do not leave directly to a far away destination for the honeymoon, they can still spend the wedding night together.

For Europeans, in many countries the wedding night is just a myth, because the whole wedding is over in the morning. In the Gaelic cultures friend used to disturb the wedding night by making different noises outside the room. That is way the tradition of leaving for the wedding night and the honeymoon was set. These kinds of traditions are very common in Europe, in countries like Germany and France. On the other side, Muslims have a special wedding night ritual, because the wedding night has to be consumed before the couple is declared united. In the case in which the bride is not a virgin, she can be returned to her family by the groom after the wedding.

So, if you do want to have a special wedding night you have to leave the party early and if you want to go to the honeymoon directly, not choose a far destination. You will be so tired that the wedding night might be a disaster. You may think to spend a night at a hotel or even at home and then go to the honeymoon location.

Anyway, when you choose the wedding night lingerie you have to think on your own personal preferences but also on your partner taste. After all, the wedding night is both yours and his. Black, white and red are the most used colors, because black stands for elegance, white for innocence and red for passion. You can choose the one that is more fitted to your personality, but you may decide for other colors also, such as pink, blue or even green or yellow. There are no rules and the most important thing is that you feel good with what you are wearing and that will make you even more beautiful and your wedding night actually perfect.11

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  1. Lyanna says:

    I know exactly how tiring a wedding can be, although I’ve never been a bride so far. So regarding my wedding night, which I want to be very special, I already have a great plan. I booked a hotel near where the wedding reception is held. It’s not the same as the honeymoon, though, but it’s more practical. And I didn’t book it for the whole night. Just for a couple of hours. It goes like this: wedding ceremony early in the morning, wedding lunch followed by a small party of about three hours. Guests can stay, we fly away to the hotel, rest for a couple of hours and then hit the road towards the honeymoon resort. And when we are going to get there there will be the exact time for a small dinner and … the night!

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