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Wedding Anniversary Gifts

It seems that it is not difficult enough to find the perfect gift for a wedding you have to do that every year on the same date after the event. The wedding anniversary gifts can be a headache sometimes if you want to give the best gift you possible can and you have not idea what that might be. However, you have to know that with every year your wedding anniversary has a different name based on the number of married years that had passed, and you have to find a gift according to the type of anniversary you celebrate.

Here are the types of wedding you celebrate in accord with the number of years you have been married and the most appropriate wedding anniversary gift for each one.

1 year – The Paper Wedding – Writing instruments or actually paper like notebooks or agendas
2 years – The Cotton Wedding – Lingerie, cloths
3 years – The Leather Wedding – Cosmetics, footwear or leather clothing
4 years –  The Fruit or Flowers Wedding – A huge basket of fruit or an enormous bouquet of flowers
5 years – The Wood Wedding – Wooden objects
6 years – The Sugar or Iron Wedding – Sweets
7 years –  The Wool or Copper Wedding – Sweaters, winter clothes, a trip to the mountains

8 years – The Bronze or Clay Wedding – Pottery and bronze objects
9 years – The Clay or Willow Wedding – Ceramic objects, Pottery and Willow,  or a rustic vacation
10 years – The Board or Aluminum Wedding – Electrical and electronic objects
11 years – The Steel Wedding – a car
12 years – The Silk Wedding – silk sheets, lingerie
13 years – The Lace Wedding – lace lingerie, evening dress
14 years – The Ivory Wedding – Ivory objects
15 years – The Crystal Wedding – A set of crystal glasses
20 years – The Porcelain Wedding – Porcelain tableware set
25 years – The Silver Wedding – Silverware
30 years – The Pearls Wedding – Natural pearls

35 years – The Coral Wedding – Coral objects or an exotic vacation at the seaside
40 years – The Ruby Wedding – A ruby ring
50 years – The Golden Wedding – Gold Jewelry
55 years – The Emerald Wedding – Emerald Jewelry
60 years – The Diamond Wedding – Diamond Jewelry

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    These are only the most important years in which you can celebrate a special type of marriage. Of course between the years 15 and 60, which are not especially mentioned here, there are others anniversaries you will celebrate and for whom you will have to buy gifts. The fact is that is not that important to buy something specific every year.11

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    1. Ginie says:

      I was just asking myself what happens after the 15th anniversary that everything goes from five to five. These are wonderful ideas. I am celebrating my 11th anniversary soon and this year was a very special one for us. So I wouldn’t have liked to let it go uncelebrated. But when I came to number 11, I burst in laughter. It’s just great! I know he would love to have a car but I just can’t afford to buy him the car of his dreams. Not yet, at least. However, the idea is I’m going to celebrate both the 7th and the 11th anniversaries together. So, a very nice toy car, the model he always dreamt of, some epoch car or something. I have the model on a stamp. And a very beautiful Christmas sweater.

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