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Proper Wear Of Wedding Rings

It won’t be long and the wedding season will start again. Although there are some who decide to have a wedding in winter or autumn, most people prefer spring and sometimes summer.

One of the most difficult moments for the bride and groom is to choose the best or more suitable wedding rings. But way do we wear wedding rings? And witch is the proper wear of wedding rings?

The Romans believed for woman, the vena amoris or vein of love was connected directly to the heart and so the love vena is the route from the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart. In other believes, each finger is associated with an astrological planet and the fourth finger of the left hand corresponds to the Sun, which led to the conclusion that a wedding ring worn on that finger means open affirmation of a union with the purpose of uniting the two entities capable to form a pair, in daylight, in consensus and accountability. This interpretation is better supported if we remember that gold, the metal of which are made wedding rings is a symbol of the Sun.

Some of the orthodox, like the Greeks and Russians, place their wedding ring on the right hand. The Catholics in Germany wear the ring on the left finger. Church of England established since 1600, in the Book of the Common Prayer that the wedding ring should be placed on the ring finger at the left hand.

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So, as we can see the finger on witch we should wear the wedding ring depends on the believes of the person who wears it and there isn’t a general proper wear of wedding rings. There are as well many traditions regarding wedding rings. For example, Irish believes that any other than the ring made of gold brings bad luck. That is way the pairs that have not got gold wedding rings at the moment of the ceremony, can borrow them from the parish and than give them back at the end of the ceremony.

The shape and size of the wedding rings can be another problem. If the rings are not perfectly round, the small defect is a sign that the couple will not have a happy marriage. A wedding ring too tight can be a sign of a marriage uncomfortable, oppressive, with jealousy and suspicion. Instead, a larger wedding ring means greater infidelity and libertine and a relative lack of warmth and understanding. If a wedding ring is removed from the ring finger, lost or damaged, the marriage will fall apart and the relationship between the two spouses will be ruined.

So, the wedding rings are held today as a symbol of commitment. Usually, both man and woman wear the ring. In many countries like the USA, Italy, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, France and India, wedding rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand following the Roman tradition. This may symbolizes the couple declaring eternal love for each other.11

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  1. Kona says:

    I like the explanation with the vein and heart. It’s a nice explanation for the symbol that is the wedding ring. I never really knew where to wear the weddign ring and I’m more than positive I’ll have to ask the minister about that, just to be sure about it. But what I didn’t like is the last part of the article. When you begin with all these superstitions. I have my own superstitions or better said things I believe in. Like for instance, when you believe in something, this something is going to happen. Like for instance, if you believe that a black cat is bad luck, then it is going to be. Coming back, I want to say these are silly superstitions. My mom’s wedding ring was stolen and my dad lost his. And they are still happily married for 30 years and something already.

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