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Groom Beach Wedding Attire

Beach weddings become more and more popular and every time someone writes about them they write about the bride, the receptions, etc. It’s time to give the groom a little of our time. Let’s see what types of groom’s beach wedding attire are out there and which one work the best for you.

Finding the right clothing as a groom for your beach wedding can be a real challenge. First of all you need to see if you’re wedding is going to be very formal and very casual, because when you know this you will know what your groom’s beach wedding attire are. Another thing is that besides the fact that the groom’s beach wedding attire has to match the wedding, the most important this is that it has to match his bride’s dress. They have to look as a union, as a real couple.

If you need to be elegant, the best choice for a groom’s beach wedding attire would be a classic tuxedo with a white bow tie. This is probably the most classy way of doing it, but if this traditional style isn’t the one you were looking for, for your groom’s beach wedding attire, don’t despair, there are plenty other options.

Because sand is a tricky factor when it comes to beach weddings, it’s tricky as well as for brides and their long dresses as for grooms and they long cuffs. This is why, you as the groom can wear short pats. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to wear shorts, just short pants. If you are a more relaxed groom, choose a Capri length pants for your groom’s beach wedding attire. If you don’t know what kind of shoes to choose for that, I have the best idea for you: going barefoot is the best touch to a casual beach wedding outfit.  If you sort pants isn’t your thing you could wear a light cotton long pants and roll their cuffs up. They will look casual and they will go with the whole beach setting perfectly.

If short Capri pants work for you but you would like to feel casual but still to look elegant and black is too much for the summer sun, you can go for much lighter colors for your groom’s beach wedding attire. Lighter weight fabrics are the ones that are recommended for the most comfort. So, besides the fact that you will look handsome, you will also feel perfect in your groom’s beach wedding attire.

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If you don’t want to go from the traditional black to very light colors, you can start with a dark brown. A dark brown elegant suit will do well for your groom’s beach wedding attire. Besides it will match the natural colors of the beach and it will look like it belongs there. This is what you want so you have to think about this option as well for your groom’s beach wedding attire. Also, if you want to wear a suit but you want to make all the out fit to look a little more relaxed, you can lose the jacket. A vest over the shirt will work perfectly. Be sure you’ll wear a full vest it’s going to look very good, better than those cheap half vests that can be found in any shop. Pick the best for your wedding day.

Everybody knows that when it comes to beach weddings, brides almost always add a tropical touch to their outfits. The grooms should do the same. They have to bring the magic of those beautiful places in their outfit and there’s no other way to do it better than to use some tropical flowers, or some tropical shirts.  The most common approach of bringing the tropical flavor into the groom’s beach wedding attire is wearing a boutonniere of tropical flowers.  You can also wear a lei of tropical flowers because is very elegant and it goes perfect with everything that’s going on.

Instead of wearing a traditional tuxedo, a groom’s beach wedding attire can include some colorful shirts. Lightly colored shirts in tropical colors is what you’re looking for, for the perfect groom’s beach wedding attire. This especially works if the groomsmen also wear colored shirts but they shouldn’t wear their jackets and in this way it’s going to be obvious who’s the grooms and that he is the most elegant.

For a very, very casual beach wedding the couple can opt for a flowing, loose, lines instead of the traditional wedding dress and groom’s tuxedo. They can do this and they can feel free and relaxed. If you chose to have a very casual wedding, you will have plenty of options to take into consideration for your groom’s beach wedding attire. In this case, an island white shirt and some light cotton pants is the best combination for the groom. You will feel that you are on a lost island with all your friends and family.

If you still want to wear the black tuxedo, if you cannot get rid of it, you can do that and not wear any tie in order to look more casual. The beach is not the best place for very classy and elegant weddings, of course it depends, but try to be relaxed and it’s going to be better for you mentally. So, keep in mind no tie for your groom’s beach wedding attire. If you want to keep the tie, you can do that, but if you want to for that and to still be casual, you should lose the jacket. Choose good colors both for the tie and shirt and feel cool and comfortable.

Because beach weddings are every popular for renewing vows or for second wedding you can also chose a pattern shirt and some light cotton pants for your groom’s beach wedding attire. Don’t wear a t-shirt you want to be a bit more formal than that, go for a colorful shirt it will certainly make your day! Try to keep the relaxed event up but don’t go too much into the casualty of the event, after all it’s your wedding.11

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  1. stephanie says:

    This is a link I have to send to my fiance. We decided to get married o the beach because it’s more relaxed. I agree. But he wanted to wear shorts and Tshirt and I told him I don’t want him to be that relaxed. So I have to send him every article related to this that I find, so he would see what experts are saying about this. So, you covered pretty much everything in this article, so I like it. I want to wear white no matter what, but if he chooses a color for his outfit, I want to match that color with my bouquet or to add a colored sash to the dress. I think this is just fair, isn’t it?

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  2. Lynas Lajter says:


    May I have permission to upload several of your images into my website to show variations of groom attire for a beach wedding?

    Thank you for any consideration. Lynas Lajter

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