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Expensive Wedding Rings

A wedding is not a cheap event. Even if you want a simple small wedding you still have to spend a considerable amount of money. Some couples save for years for this event, or they borrow money from a bank or if they come from a rich family then they can afford the wedding of their dreams. The wedding rings are the most costly detail at weddings, that is because the wedding rings are the most important element of wedding.

You only marry once (or twice in some cases), so all the expenses are worthy. Wedding rings are available on the market at all prices for the cheaper ones silver wedding rings for those who have a small budget to the most expensive ones from platinum and diamonds. There isn't a limit price for wedding rings, they can cost as much as you want according to your budget.

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Celebrities don't go cheap when it comes to wedding rings, they show their expensive wedding rings in pictures.

 Expensive Wedding Rings (Source: 6starliving.com)

Expensive Wedding Rings (Source: 6starliving.com)

The number one on the list is who else than the rich ''Barbie'' Paris Hilton. She wears a $ 4,2 million ring that has 24 carats emerald cut diamond.

Donald Trump gave to Melania Knauss a wedding ring worth $ 3 million with a 15 carat diamond.

Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis was wearing a wedding ring that was valued to $ 2.6 million.

 Expensive Wedding Rings (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

Expensive Wedding Rings (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

Royal families have a long tradition of expensive wedding rings. Prince William broke the tradition of wedding ring when he decided he will not wear a wedding ring. Kate Middleton is wearing a band ring made from Welsh gold.

The most expensive wedding rings are platinum rings with diamonds. The prices of diamond wedding rings depends on the number of carats, on the cut, the size and clarity and colors. The average cost of diamond wedding rings is between $ 3500 and over $ 4000. Depending on the style you want an antique style, royal style, or something more simple.

 Expensive Wedding Rings (Source: bluediamondring-s.com)

Expensive Wedding Rings (Source: bluediamondring-s.com)

From something that used to be just a simple ring, in ancient times the wedding ring had just a symbolic meaning and was made from metal bronze and steel, now the wedding ring became a ''show off''.

If your budget allows you then you can buy expensive wedding rings from platinum and diamonds. Rubies, sapphires, emerald wedding rings are also expensive.

There is no limit at price you can spend as much as you want on your wedding rings. You can admire online collections of some of the most expensive wedding rings in the world. The main criterion for the price of diamond is the weight, along with the shape, color, clarity and cut.


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