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Las Vegas Weddings

posted Jan 29, 2010 | in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Las Vegas, often just called Vegas, is the largest city in Nevada and the U.S. capital Clark County, known place very popular tourist destination. Since Nevada does not charge transaction, Las Vegas is known internationally as a city holiday hotel and rest facilities, shops and famous casinos. The build of the city began in 1905 and has earned his place in the city administration in 1911. Due to a growth rate, Las Vegas became the largest U.S. city founded in the twentieth century,...

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Bruce Willis Wedding

posted Jan 29, 2010 | in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Bruce Willis is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, thanks to first of Die Hard series. He was born in a U.S. military base in western Germany, on March 19, 1955. Willis was raised in New Jersey at the age of two years. Bruce Willis has shown throughout his career an incredible talent, taking on roles from various, such as prize fighter for Quentin Tarantino’s film Pulp Fiction, time travel in Terry Gilliam’s film Army of the  Twelve Monkeys, traumatized veteran, returned...

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Tiger Woods Wedding

posted Jan 26, 2010 | in Uncategorized | no comments

Tiger Woods (on his real name Eldrick Woods ) was born on December 30, 1975. The best  golfer  at global and American level. His professional career began in 1996 and from then he won almost every  competition attended, his considering wining list contains 14 of 1st places in major competitions and 71 titles at PGA events. In 2008 he was ranked as the best paid athlete of the year, with earnings of 110 million dollars coming from winnings and endorsements. Tiger Woods has a...

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Jamaica Wedding

posted Jan 25, 2010 | in Uncategorized | one comment

Jamaica is an island located in the Caribbean archipelago. Arawak Indians the old inhabitants were discovered by Columbus on May 5th 1494. In the XVI century, Spain had started to populate the island bringing black slaves from Africa to work the sugar plantations. It is a tropical paradise  visited very often by British citizens, Americans and Europeans. It is also the homeland of the great Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. And if we are in Jamaica we got to talk about Rastafari, the main religion in...

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Jewish Wedding

posted Jan 20, 2010 | in Uncategorized | one comment

Judaism is a monotheistic religion and his adherents guide their spiritual life after Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) their holy book that looks pretty much like the Christian Bible, in sense that the teachings of Tanakh is also found, in various forms, in the Old Testament. In Jewish tradition, the story of the beginnings of Judaism is about the Covenant between God and Abraham. Conform with the Jewish Law, a Jew is a Jew anyone who is born of a Jewish mother, but in our days, a Jew is anyone who have...

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Gifttreez – Fun This Christmas

posted Dec 26, 2009 | in Uncategorized | no comments

It’s really difficult for me to decide which part I like best about Christmas holidays. I love giving away gifts to my dear ones as much as I love receiving them. I love having some days off to spend with my family. I love snow and it gives me a relaxing sensation of peace and quiet. I love all the goodies my mom makes each year for Christmas. I love decorating the Christmas tree and even shopping for Christmas tree decorations. This year, I also love Gifttreez. This is a new Facebook...

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