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1920s Vintage Wedding Dresses

Finding the perfect wedding dress in not easy especially if you want a thematic wedding dress to match with your theme wedding. You don't see yourself in a modern wedding dress, you like the charm of the old years? Old is gold, the charm of the past is not lost. Your period is the 20's? The 20's played an important role, not only in history but also in fashion. In the early 20's the corset disappeared from everyday wear, women dresses became loose and comfortable. Was a total revolution in fashion in the 20's. In the 20's was in fashion for the first time the bob hairstyle for women, small hats, tea length dress, the waist was not outlines anymore, with so many wears of corset women got tired of outlining their waist and began to wear comfortable dresses with loose waist. The dresses almost had no shape, square shape, the dresses were made from lace and satin for special occasions. Wedding dresses were very simple, with no complicated cut and design, usually made from satin, simple elegance was the definition of the 20's, the dresses were very comfortable, most brides in the 20's has small hats instead of a long veil on their wedding day. The hairstyle was also special, bob hairstyle, for the first time in all the centuries long hair was not in fashion.

Any bride can look good in a wedding dress from the 20's, because the dress is loose will hide the body shape so even if you don't have a perfect silhouette a wedding dress form the 20's will compliment your body shape.

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 1920s Vintage Wedding Dresses (Source: janetmcnaughton.ca)

1920s Vintage Wedding Dresses (Source: janetmcnaughton.ca)

You can buy a wedding dress from the 20's from a vintage store if you want an authentic vintage dress, you can order one from a website, or you can ask a dress maker to make you a wedding dress in the style of the 20's.

 1920s Vintage Wedding Dresses (Source: victoriana.com)

1920s Vintage Wedding Dresses (Source: victoriana.com)

Choose also accessories from the 20's, a small hat, a hand purse, pearls, bridal shoes with the heels not too high, bridal shoes in the 20's style, adopt a bob hairstyle and don't wear too many jewelery. Your motto should be simple elegance and comfort.

For the first time after so many years in 1920 women used to wear comfortable dresses.

It is easy to adopt a style from the 20's, choose a wedding dress in the 20's style, that will be like a trip back in time, complete your look with vintage accessories, choose decorations from the 20's, wedding invitations from in 20's style like a telegram, select music from the 20's and a wedding cake topper from the 20's.


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